Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Summer I Turned Pretty

This is one of those sweet summer reads...I have to admit...I LOVE me some paranormal books, but these sweet little romances are getting to me!

We all have had a summer where everything changes, and this summer was no exception for Belly. Every summer she, her mother and her brother go to the beach house and spend it with Susannah, Conrad and Jeremiah and Belly looks forward to it for months! Maybe it's because she gets to see her long time crush Conrad. Maybe it's because she gets to spend time with her bud Jeremiah, whatever it is...she loves it. This summer is going to be AMAZING...Susannah told her it would be. When Belly arrives she notices for the first time ever that the boys actually might just see her as a girl...finally. Something is going on with Conrad and no one knows what, but Belly doesn't like it at all. Suddenly he starts acting like her older brother...not cool!

Something big is going on in the beach house...something besides hormones and crushes. Something that could change summers forever.

I soo LOVED this book! I loved how Han had some chapters were dedicated to Belly's memories of previous summers. I loved how being the only girl she always felt left out, and then when the time came for her to be with the in crowd she wasn't sure she wanted to be. Everyone wants a summer like this...first loves...ending of crushes...coming into yourself...WOW! This book has me wanting to rent a beach house somewhere for the summer! I can't wait to read the next two books in this can't wait!

I gave this book 4 Apples!

Queen of the Dead

In this installment of Stacey Kades Ghost and the Goth series we start right where we left off. Alona has come back from the light for a reason she doesn't even know! She and Will are something more than friends...maybe...and yet the sudden appearance of Mina makes Alona less than comfortable. As anyone knows from Ghost and the Goth...Alona HATES to be you can guess what happens when Will finds himself choosing between her and learning more about his father and the "Order". Needless to say...something unthinkable happens...and it will change all sorts of lives.

I love how Kade can combine both witt and romance into a book. Alona is sarcastic as ever and yet we see a side to her that hasn't yet been introduces. You realize that she really is a good person...despite outward appearances! She is right up there with the likes of Rachel Hawkins with a cliffhanger...I am dying for the next one!

I really am enjoying this series. It is a much more light hearted look at the paranormal world, which is nice for a change!

I gave this book 3 Apples!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Beauty Queens

I don't even know what to say about this book...except that it was really good. It is really hard to describe this is a very interesting look at human values in way. How we tend to value all the wrong things and forget about all the other things. This book is full of satire...sarcasm...

and oddly enough sensitivity. I really enjoyed it!

I gave this book 4 Apples!

The Girl in the Steel Corset

When a young Lord tries to take advantage of Finely Jayne, she fights back...and wins. But Finely isn't a normal Victorian girl. She has a dark side that enables her to knock out full grown NOT normal!

Griffin King sees the darkness inside her and tells her it makes her "special", and says she is one of "them". Griff takes her in off the streets, much to the dismay of hisband of misfits. Emily who has her own special ablilities and has in inrecipracated love for Sam. Sam is part robot, and Jasper, the American cowboy with a secret.

Griff is investigating a criminal called the Machinist who is the mastermind behind several crimes my automan. THe Machinist wants nothing more than to tear Griff and his little band apart. Trust will be tested on all sides.

This was a great not what I was expecting! I have a hard time with books that take a time period (like the Victorian era) and then adding something strange to it...automans for example. Somehow Kady Cross made it work in this book and I fell in love! Maybe it's the way the characters are sooo well written, or that even though there are some "modern" scientific things, they still follow the proper protocal of the times. I LOVE Griff...he is such an upstanding can't help but like him!! love her name...and two...she wants so badly to belong somewhere you can't help but feel bad for her when everything seems to keep blowing up in her face!

I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to see where and what happens in the next adventure!

I gave this book 4 Apples!

The Chronicles of Nick

These two books are about a 14 year old boy named Nick who finds himself suddenly thrust into a life he never knew existed and still has a hard time believing it does. Not only that, but he finds out that he may someday destroy the whole world...if he can't change his ways! Luckily for him he has a couple of protectors and then there are those who could turn out to be his undoing!

I thought these books were great...however....I felt a little lost! Come to find out Sherrilyn Kenyon has a WHOLE (like 23 books) series of books that pre-date the Nick wonder I felt lost! I want to read them...and yet they are adult, not sure I am wanting to pursue them that much.

The world these books are set in is crazy! It will have you wondering who Nick should trust and can her truly change his past!

I gave both books 4 Apples!

Just a few reads for ya!

Since I read so darn fast I am having a hard time keeping up with I am just going to put some of these together in a "quick" review! Enjoy!!13 Little Blue Envelopes is one of those feel good books that you won't be able to put down!

I gave it 4 Apples!

Can't wait to read the next one!!

Steel...well the cover and the synopsis were better than the book! It took me 2 days to read 25 pages...I just couldn't get into it!

I gave this book 1 apple!

Falling Under...was totally NOT wht I expected! It was a very good and inventive story!

I gave this book 3 Apples!

The Ghost and the Goth is a great fun paranormal read...not too intense...just fun and light hearted!

I gave this book 3 Apples!