Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Sorry no book cover least that I could find! This book by Jennifer Lynn Barnes is about four best friends who sudddenly find themselves in a fight to keep the world balanced. When the four friends purchase a set of tattoo's they had no idea that along with them they would suddenly find themselves with different powers. How are these 4 teens supossed to save the world when they have no idea what they are up against?

This was a nice quick read, and I liked it. However it took until almost the end to get to the point where I was getting hooked into the story and then it ended! It's a great storyline, the mixture of fairies, and greek just needed...more substance. Like I said it is a good read and I am anxious to read the next one to see what happens.

I gave this book 3 stars.

Monday, September 27, 2010


This book is about a boy named Aden who has no family and has spent his life in and out of institutions. You see Aden has four human souls living inside him. Aden and the souls have become friends, but they cause him all kinds of trouble. One soul can time travel, one can predict the death of people,and one can raise the dead. All Aden wants is peace. Then Aden meets Mary Ann a girl who quiets the long as he is near her anyway! Somehow they share an inexplicable bond of friendship, but have no fear it will be tested! A shape-shifting werewolf wants Mary Ann for his own, and Aden can't resist a vampire princess. The four will enter into a dark underworld of intrigue and danger...but not everyone makes it out alive!

This book was amazing! It was defiantly a "can't put it down" book! I really fell for Aden...even if he is constantly talking to souls in his head. Even though he has a definate dark side he is also very sweet. I found myself comparing myself to Mary Ann...a girl with a plan who knew what she wanted only to find that wasn't what she wanted at all! She is a true friend and defends Aden no matter what, and he does likewise with her. Victoria and Riley (no relation to the vamps from the Twilight Saga) bring their own spice and allure to the scene. Both are devastatingly beautiful with incredible powers and both fond themselves in love with people they shouldn't be!

This book is full of adventure, suspense, and of course romance. You will fall in love with the characters I promise! I am anxiously awaiting the chance to read the next installment "Unraveled" and you will be too once you've been Intertwined!

I give this book 5 stars!

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Forest of Hands and Teeth

I got this book as a recommendation from a friend and I was excited to read it and then I started to read it. It wasn't what I thought it was going to all! I like Science Fiction and Fantasy, but this was a bit out os my comfort zone...or so I thought. Please be gracious in reading this review because I read it awhile ago and am going on memory! Mary is a young girl who has grown up in a village thinking that she and everyone that lives in that village are the only survivors of the Return. Mary isn't satisfied thinking that there is nothing more than the village and longs to find the ocean that her mother has told her stories about. Life changes when her mom wanders too close to the fence and is infected by the inconsecrated...basically they are zombies...people who were infected that died and come back and the living dead. They don't necessarily want to devour human flesh...they just want to infect them.

After a breach in the fence by the unconsecrated Mary, her bethrothed Harry, his brother and his bethrothed Cass,Mary's brother and his wife, and a little boy named Jacob make a run down the paths that they were always told were forbidden and lead no where. ..they soon find out differently. Mary has always believed there was more out there...will she find it? How many survive the adventure and how many become infected or die? This is a thrilling read, but not recommended if zombies give you the me though you'll get over it soon. There is no gore or anything like that to worry me I don't do that at all!

I give this 4 stars.

The Dead-Tossed Waves

This book is a companion to "The Forest of Hands and Teeth". I was anxious to read this book, and it more than lived up to my expectiations. In this book we meet Gabry (short for Gabrielle) who is more than content to live in her lighthouse on the sea and safely behind the Barriers. Life after the Return is never safe, and there are threats that even the Barriers can't keep out, and Gabry's life starts to unravel. One night beyond the Barriers, two she has known forever and one who is veiled in mystery. One reckless moment and lives are changed forever. Gabry only knows one thing, that if she is to have any hope of a future, she must face the forest of her mother's past.

I really loved this book! Every time I thought I had something figured out, I'd find out just how wrong I was! Gabry is an amazing character and I love how she grows from a girl who is scared to break the rules to a girl who is strong enough to break all the rules. She is also lucky enough to have two amazing guys to choose from...and trust me it is a hard decision! Catcher and Elias both have amazing strength physically and emotionally and a fierce determination to keep Gabry safe no matter what the cost. Once again we find ourselves wandering the path looking for safety, if there is any to be found. I loved the strength of the characters of this book, and it was nice to revisit some of the characters from "The Forest of Hands and Teeth". One line I really LOVED was this: "We will always survive. There is always hope."

As I read through this book I was able to draw many parallels. One the path is similar to the path that we call LIFE...we never know what dangers may lurk ahead or where the path may take us, but it is up to us to choose which way to go. We have to have faith in ourselves and trust in those around us and it will all be okay. Two the Barriers are similar to the barriers that we give ourselves...the things that stop us from being the best we can be...from trying new things, meeting new name it. There were many more parallels I could name, but this is getting a bit long winded, and your probably getting bored!

I give this book 5 was AMAZING! I enjoyed this book a lot more then the first book...but I liked it too. I would recommend buying it and I know it will find itself to my personal library shortly! I can't wait to read the next book...I have to wait almost a year, but I can promise that it will be worth the wait!

Monday, September 20, 2010

The Reformed Vampire Support Group

Okay...well can I just say that I really didn't like this book...I didn't hate it, but I didn't love it! It was too slow for me, and it felt redundant! I really didn't need to hear 20 times that the vamps can't stand each other, or the many body parts that bleed!

That being said I loved how Nina decided that she didn't want to be an "ordinary" vampire who didn't do anything. I was happy to see a couple of them like Nina and Dave actually being proactive about their situation. I thought it was a bit far fetched that they would want to "reform" the man who wanted to kill them all...vampires don't like me crazy but I missed the crazy, butt kicking vamp's from other series!

It does give an interesting spin to vampirism...just not what I would have expected. I know this review is lame...but hopefully over time I'll get better!

I liked this book...just didn't love it! If you read it, let me know what you think!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

The City of Bones

One of my most favorite books by far! This was the first book I read after Eclipse...I was looking for something to fill the void and boy did I get it! I must confess that I have read it several times and I have LOVED it as much each time as I did the first. This is a definate Science Fiction book...but it is worth the read!

Clary is a 15 year old girl who witnesses a murder by three teens who are covered in strange tatoos and use strange weapons as well. Before she has a chance to call the police the body mysteriously disappears, and no one else even saw or heard the murder take place. The teens who are known as the Shadowhunters are equally puzzled as to why Clary can see them. They explain that their mission in life is to rid the earth of demons. In a few short hours Clary's mom disappears and Clary has the fight of her life against a demon. Why would demons be interested in two mundanes like Clary and her mother, and how did Clary suddenly get the sight....everyone would like to know!

Mixed in with all the chaos of demon hunting is romance, friendship, jealousy and an ending that will leave you wondering what in the world just happened...that and there is no way that could ever be true! You will love and hate characters at the same time, and I can promise that Jace will make your heart race! This is the first book in the trilogy and they just keep getting better!

Just because it is science fiction...DON'T WRITE IT OFF! I give this book 5 stars! I promise you will LOVE it!

The Reformed Vampire Support Group

S0 I started reading this book and I have to say it is rather interesting...not your typical "vampire" book that is for sure! Gather together a group of rag tag vampires who are trying to find out who killed their creator and surely misadventures are sure to follow! I am only half way through, and I have to say it is slow reading for me (not my norm for sure!), maybe it's because I only have had time to read when I am dog tired! I will give a full review when I am finished!

In the beginning...

So I decided with all the books I read maybe I should create a blog about them! That way when people ask me what to read I can refer them to my blog! I will give you a review and recommend too...even if it's something I may not have might! I will start with what I am reading now, but I will try to review and add books I have already read too! Hope you enjoy this...leave me some love to let me know!